Mary Wailes

Lace Maker

Mary Wailes hails from the village of Culloville itself.

She returned to living in Glassdrummonaghy on the outskirts of the village approximately five years ago having lived in England for over three

Mary is a founding member of the South Armagh Lace Collective. Mary’s interest in lace-making was sparked after she found an unfinished piece of lace belonging to her Mother after returning to Ireland.

She joined a local lace-making class with local lace expert Mary McMahon in Crossmaglen. Mary eventually completed the piece that was started by her Mother some 25 years earlier.

She continues to make lace purely for pleasure. Mary also has another connection to the lace as Grandfather James Watters had his own lace
agency in the village of Culloville (circa 1890/1900) buying and selling lace made by the local women.

Mary is an active member of the South Armagh Lace Collective committee. She is also very much
involved in the planning and facilitating of any of the group’s activities or events

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